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Responsibilities:Lagos Signage And Advertisement Agency (LASAA)

The following are some of the Lagos State Structure for Signage and Advertisement Agency, Law 2006 (as amended):

SECTION 3: The Functions of the Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency shall be to:

  • control outdoor structures to be used for signage and advertisements;
  • issue licenses and permits for the construction and placement of outdoor structures in any part of the State;
  • protect the environment from potential adverse impact from visual blights;
  • control the number, size and location of outdoor structures;
  • ensure that outdoor structures are soundly and carefully designed, erected, modified, maintained or removed when no longer in use to avoid potential damages to lives and property;
  • ensure that outdoor structures are compatible with surrounding land uses and environment and further ensure the beatification of the immediate surrounding and vicinity of the advertisement;
  • control the pasting and display of posters on public structures and highways;
  • organize the procedure to regulate the ownership and operation of outdoor structures for the purpose of signage or advertisements under specific regulations as contained in this law;
  • reject, revoke or modify a permit if found to be in violation of any of the provisions of this Law or the conditions for its grant;
  • prepare and keep all records related to the issuance and denial of outdoor structures permit as well as appropriate general records;
  • monitor and inspect through its Monitoring Unit any outdoor structure and verify its compliance with the Law; and
  • establish a data-base of all the outdoor structures used for signage and advertisement, their owners and operators as well as their location and the reason for the operation.


  • Special Duties & Information Technology Department: Monitor and manage LASAA’s relationship with Local Governments and other operational duties assigned. Prepare, using best practice and agreed service standards, a set of procedures for the administration of information communication and technology within LASAA.
  • Billing & Debt Recovery Department: Develop standards, policies and guidelines for billing and organize production and delivery of bills to clients, ensuring accuracy in components of bills and acknowledgement of receipt of invoice upon delivery.
  • Finance & Accounts Department: Review policies in developing, implementing, and maintaining practices for the financial management, budget control, payroll, accounting, and fixed assets system and treasury functions.
  • Planning & Budget Unit: Collate budget estimates from all the departments of the Agency and critically examine these for correctness, accuracy and objectives.
  • Legal Department: Contribute to developing the overall philosophy of LASAA regarding legal and governance matters and ensure all practices, policies, and business activities fall within the mandate of the Agency.
  • Registry Department: Plan and develop strategies for providing and maintaining highly effective Registry in line with corporate vision and mission, and in compliance with the LASAA regulations.
  • Corporate Affairs & PR Department: Develop, execute and manage corporate affairs/communication plans, programs and activities towards the generation of adequate levels of public awareness about LASAA and its operations, in local and international markets and ensure a professional corporate image is maintained of the Agency this include thorough public relations and media relations as well as Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Business Development & Support Department: Assess business growth opportunities, identify and develop new business opportunities in accordance with LASAA’s strategy and goals and the Agency’s regulations. Manage and review application for registration of potential clients, verifying all supporting documents and ensuring the safekeeping and storage of related application details and information. Assess payment due and monitor the generation of invoices in respect of assessed applications.
  • Innovation & Design Unit: Develop the design for product/service that has been incubated and deemed feasible and profitable and present prototype, where applicable, to management for onward decision on building/running the new product/service.
  • Administration & Human Resources Dept.: Formulate and develop standards, policies and guidelines for business support services (procurement, facilities management, environmental health & safety and general administration) within LASAA in alignment with the regulations laid down by the governing authority. Formulate and develop human resources policies and guidelines for managing human capital within the organization in alignment with regulation/corporate guidelines.
  • Audit & Internal Control: Develop and regularly review internal control framework to standardize / optimize LASAA’s Standard Operating Procedure and ensure adequacy and effectiveness of internal control, risk management and governance processes.
  • Monitoring, Compliance & Enforcement Department: Monitor and manage compliance in accordance to LASAA laws & guidelines and enforce regulations and standards. He also ensure adequate reminder or notice has been served and recommend/approve enforcement, where no positive response has been received from violating client.
  • Procurement: Execute and manage procurement plans, policies, guidelines and activities in accordance with the Lagos State Public Procurement Policy and ensures prompt sourcing of quality goods and services.


  • Creativity
  • Character
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Team work
  • Passion
  • Initiative